Understanding Without Judgment


The work of freeing ourselves from fear, self-doubt, and hopelessness takes patience and commitment. Understanding that there are parts of our minds outside our consciousness is fundamental to this work. This applies to behavior therapy, psychopharmacology, complementary medicine, or psychoanalysis. This time-tested perspective allows us to expand our self-awareness, creating sustainable and effective growth.


“Things are not as we would like them to be. There is only one way to deal with it; namely, to try and be all right oneself.”

 –Anna Freud





Dr. Burton created “The Psychonaut Show” podcast to bring the insights of the private world of psychoanalysis to the public world of career, relationships and society. He also hosts The Psychonaut Show as “Dr. JKB.” Join Dr. JKB on his mission to explore “strange, new worlds in inner space.” Each episode’s mission reveals a concept from the history of psychoanalysis that gives us the power to be “more effective, more connected, and more attractive in our daily lives.”