The Psychonaut Show


Psychoanalysis landed on the shores of the U.S. in the 1940s, and quickly took hold of the American imagination. “Oedipus complex,” “the unconscious,” and “libido” are terms deeply embedded in the English language. We can hardly imagine talking about human experience without them. But what do they really mean? And who coined them? To help us find out, Dr. JKB, psychiatrist, classically trained analyst, and host of The Psychonaut Show, takes us on a historical and biographical journey of these concepts, and beyond.

Complete with music and sound effects, The Psychonaut Show explores one new psychoanalytic concept in each 20-30-minute episode. Learn about the lives and behind-the-scenes intrigue of Sigmund Freud, his daughter, Anna, her arch-nemesis, Melanie Klein, and many others. To bring the concepts further to life, the show weaves in commentary on current social trends, popular culture, film, literature, and politics. A true journey into unknown depths.

The Psychonaut Show provides insight into America’s psyche and humanity’s consciousness, proving that psychoanalysis is relevant both on the couch and beyond.

*The persons described on The Psychonaut Show are fictional characters created by Dr. Burton from his personal, professional and clinical experience. The case examples are used to illustrate a theoretical point and bear no relation to any actual patients.